Friday, January 30, 2009

Those balls are big!

A police officer glances at huge plastic balls being rolled on the street during the Chinese new year parade last 26 January 2009 at Tsim Sha Tsui. The annual parade was sponsored by Cathay Pacific and dubbed as the "World's Happiest Party."


fortuitous faery said...

haha, this is so cool! they're like giant billiard balls!

yes, joe! i'm sure ging will send you a postcard! just email her, and mention that i'm your friend and went to your wedding last year. i first met ging nung time na umuwi ako sa kasal niyo. :)

Joe Narvaez said...

Ah talaga! Yahu! Sige email ko siya. Copy ko itong comment mo hehe. Maraming salamat po!

the donG said...

nice shot joe. i find it cool to see those huge plastic balls.