Monday, May 19, 2008

Clear Water Bay Beach at Sai Kung

Author's note: I originally published this article last 2 April 2008 in wordpress. Hence, the idea of my own photoblog. See link:
Last Black Saturday my friends and I went to Sai Kung to see Clear Water Bay beach. When we think of Hong Kong, it's easy to imagine high-rise structures, the famous harbor, Jackie Chan and noodles perhaps. Few foreigners (especially Filipinos) know that there are beaches in Hong Kong. Unlike the Philippines however, beaches here are absolutely free and accessible. Armed with my trusty old digicam (I wish I had a DSLR now!!!), I made the most out of that chilly but pleasant Saturday afternoon. Here are some of the pictures I took.

clear water bay beach

It was too cold for a swim. Temperature forecast was 19-21°C that day. We stayed at Clear Water Bay Second Beach .

clear water bay beach

At this time of the year, Clear Water Bay is like Tagaytay and Puerto Galera rolled into one... Where clouds and hills meet the sea.

clear water bay beach

"Sai Kung Man"... There were plenty of seaweeds to collect.

clear water bay beach

I will go back to Clear Water Bay beach this summer. Wanna come too?

clear water bay beach

Friday, May 16, 2008

Why am I a shuttercow, you may ask?

A question and answer post.

Q: Why are you a shuttercow?
A: Because I like taking photographs.

Q: Oh, you mean you are a shutterbug not a shuttercow?
A: Yeah, its something like that. But I am a cow not a bug!

Q: Why are you a cow?
A: Because I am an OFW.

Q: What's an OFW?
A: It's the acronym for Overseas Filipino Worker.

Q: Duh! What's a cow got to do with an OFW then?
A: Because OFWs are cash cows.

Q: Huh, what's a cash cow?
A: I have actually written about it in my other blog. You should read it.

Q: What's the post link then? Gimme!
A: Sure. Wait a while...

Q: C'mon hurry up! What's the link?
A: Ok here it is.

Q: Grrrrrrrrr! Where????!
A: Here.