Friday, May 16, 2008

Why am I a shuttercow, you may ask?

A question and answer post.

Q: Why are you a shuttercow?
A: Because I like taking photographs.

Q: Oh, you mean you are a shutterbug not a shuttercow?
A: Yeah, its something like that. But I am a cow not a bug!

Q: Why are you a cow?
A: Because I am an OFW.

Q: What's an OFW?
A: It's the acronym for Overseas Filipino Worker.

Q: Duh! What's a cow got to do with an OFW then?
A: Because OFWs are cash cows.

Q: Huh, what's a cash cow?
A: I have actually written about it in my other blog. You should read it.

Q: What's the post link then? Gimme!
A: Sure. Wait a while...

Q: C'mon hurry up! What's the link?
A: Ok here it is.

Q: Grrrrrrrrr! Where????!
A: Here.


Remitter said...

Is there any need for the OFWs to feel like this? I consider the OFWs to be the heroes of Philippines. They have worked selflessly to build their country, by claiming to be cash cows they won't achieve the higher goal of ensuring their demands are met by the government. They must strive towards ensuring that their remittances are utilised properly to build infrastructure. By investing in their native land they can be a part of the change.

Joe Narvaez said...

Hi remitter! Are you an OFW?

I respect your opinion but I think you are missing the point again. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed your blogs.. :)
more blessings and wonder, when we'll stop with our rants? (was an ofw too, but i didn'T heart broken (coz my ex found someone else, got another gurl pregnant and so, they married...) then,I went home financially broke! :D ..but we Filipinos are the most resilient beings in the world! :) im ok, yet struggling :D
il frequent your blogs just a blog hopper...amuse me more! :D

Joe Narvaez said...

Hi daisyduck! Thank you for the kind words. Yes, Filipinos are very resilient. You seem to be one perfect example of that. Mabuhay ka!